About the festival

About the festival

The Festival for the Third Age, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is the largest event for older persons in Europe. The first Festival of the Third Age was created on the occasion of the International Year of Older Persons (1999) at the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and was held under the patronage of thePresident of the Republic in Slovenia in that year. In 2024, it celebrates the 23nd anniversary of its existence. We believe that in 2024 we will be able to hold the 23rd F3ŽO in top form, and in this way also celebrate the International Day Older Persons, which is celebrated every year on October 1.

The doors of the Slovenian cultural and congress centre, Cankarjev dom, will again be open free of charge for visitors for three days, more precisely from September 30 to October 2, 2024.

From the very beginning, the Festival has been dedicated to active ageing, improving the quality of life of the elderly and realisation of solidarity between generations – that is precisely why the entire programme is held under the slogan We are all one generation! The Festival is also a place for international cooperation and networking, as delegations and groups of participants from different countries visit it every year. We consider the active participation of representatives of 9 countries – Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, or their pensioner organizations – in the professional and cultural program to be an exceptional achievement.

In 2023, the Festival was co-created by more than 3,000 individuals from a wide variety of organizations and representatives of society. The event featured more than 120 cultural presentations within the cultural programme, more than 40 workshops and lectures within the educational programme, 7 professional discussions within the professional programme and presentations at the exhibition spaces. We are sure that it will impress in 2024 as well.

Festival information

Festival of the Third Age
Proevent d. o. o.
Dunajska cesta 10, p.p. 3558
SI-1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 (0)1 300 32 19
E: info@f3zo.si
W: https://f3zo.si

23rd Festival of the Third Age (2024)



Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


September 30 – October 2, 2024

Opening Hours for the Public

9 am till 6 pm (last day, Wednesday, till 5 pm

Entrance fee

Free entry


  • fair exhibition
  • educational program (lectures, workshops, round tables)
  • cultural program
  • contests

Profile of participants

  • organizations of the elderly and for the elderly, such as pensioners’ associations, day care centers, networks of self-help organizations, pensioners’ cultural and other interest organizations, networks of study groups, etc.;
  • housing and professional organizations of the disabled;
  • educational institutions, such as universities for the third period of life, libraries and organizations that operate in the field of learning, personal growth, active leisure time, voluntary work, return to the labor market, etc.;
  • manufacturing, trading and service companies with products and services for the elderly, families, disabled, blind and partially sighted, deaf and hard of hearing, etc.;
  • service companies and organizations such as travel agencies, spas, banks, insurance companies, transport companies;
  • pharmaceutical companies;
  • health organizations;
  • organizations that unite young people and implement intergenerational cooperation programs such as kindergartens, schools, colleges, student organizations;
  • centers for social work, homes for the elderly, home care and services;
  • organizations for recruitment and training for complementary or additional work;
  • organizations and associations for sports and leisure;
  • organizations for consumer education and protection;
  • research institutions;
  • trade union organizations and labor associations;
  • state and public institutions, ministries, municipalities, public institutes and professional institutions;
  • non-governmental organizations, such as associations, institutes, chambers;
  • cultural organizations such as theaters, cultural and artistic associations, galleries, museums.

Visitor profile

  • all generations with an emphasis on the elderly;
  • professional public.


The festival aims to achieve: Development:
  • environment for the development of networks of intergenerational cooperation,
  • entrepreneurial environments for the entrepreneurial involvement of the older generation,
  • business, social, social and other models for the equal inclusion of the elderly in a developing and global society.
  • various models of services and products for a quality, healthy and creative life for the elderly,
  • modern organizational forms of connecting various factors, public and private, which can influence and ensure a better quality of life for the older generation,
  • new projects of intergenerational integration and cooperation.
  • cooperation between the public and private spheres in ensuring a better quality of life for the older generation and its active integration into modern social trends,
  • the interest of the general public in the activities and organizations of the older population, and especially its active inclusion in various areas of life,
  • values, respect and education about active age among all generations of the population.
  • an encouraging supportive environment for a better quality of life in the third period of life and intergenerational cooperation,
  • mobility, getting to know modern technologies and their integration into the everyday life of the older generation,
  • effective infrastructures of intergenerational integration.
The event is recorded by photography and video. The organizer reserves the right to publish photos of the entire event until written cancellation by the participants.