Vision and mission

The starting point of the festival is Slovenian society as an aging but advanced society that takes advantage of the wisdom and experience and potential of the older population.

The festival of the third age represents and enforces the belief that Slovenia has great creative and work potential in the elderly population. With the festival, we want to show what the older generation can do, what are the ways to their equal inclusion in social trends and programs that will treat the elderly as an equal part of the population.

The festival is a creative environment. It offers opportunities for meetings, establishment of cooperation and connection between all generations, for presentation of state policies, programs, guidelines and professional views on the life and work of the elderly.

The festival is a great opportunity to promote programs, products and services aimed at the elderly. Thus, the festival event, in addition to a wider social orientation, is also a business opportunity for everyone who sincerely believes in and appreciates the abilities of the elderly.

The Festival of the Third Age aims to achieve:

  • Development:
    • environment for the development of networks of intergenerational cooperation,
    • entrepreneurial environments for the entrepreneurial involvement of the older generation,
    • business, social, social and other models for the equal inclusion of the elderly in a developing and global society.
  • Design:
    • various models of services and products for a quality, healthy and creative life for the elderly,
    • modern organizational forms of connecting various factors, public and private, which can influence and ensure a better quality of life for the older generation,
    • new projects of intergenerational integration and cooperation.
  • Incentive:
    • cooperation between the public and private spheres in ensuring a better quality of life for the older generation and its active integration into modern social trends,
    • the interest of the general public in the activities and organizations of the older population, and especially its active inclusion in various areas of life,
    • values, respect and education about active age among all generations of the population.
  • Providing:
    • an encouraging supportive environment for a better quality of life in the third period of life and intergenerational cooperation,
    • mobility, getting to know modern technologies and their integration into the everyday life of the older generation,
    • effective infrastructures of intergenerational integration.


The festival for the third age is a top social event and a central Slovenian event in the field of active action of the elderly population, which:
  • represents Slovenian creativity and achievements, programs and policies, as well as the results of public and private care for the elderly population and intergenerational cooperation,
  • connects key stakeholders, the state, civil society and the economy, which influence the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly population and intergenerational integration,
  • promotes the creative development of the older population with the aim of creating a friendlier society based on intergenerational cooperation,
  • raises awareness of the entire Slovenian public about the necessity and necessity of the coexistence of all generations.


Encouraging the activities of active participants and visitors in all forms of the festival will be supported by three key approaches:

  • let’s meet – before prepared and spontaneous meetings between participants in various forms of presentation and connection,
  • let’s get to know each other – exhibition and presentations of individual participating stakeholders and
  • let’s talk – for better cooperation, creation of common policies and activities.

The festival of the third age is the largest event of its kind in Europe, with which we want to achieve intergenerational cooperation, which in the long term will lead to a more tolerant and progressive society!